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Computer System Installation Posted or Updated on 18 Dec 2023

We are migrating to a new computer system on Tuesday 20 August 2019.  In order to facilitate this change the information held on our current system will be ‘cut’ on Wednesday 14 August 2019, which will have the following impact on our services:

Between 10 August 2019 and 19 August 2019 we will not be able to:

  • Send prescriptions via the electronic prescription service
  • Process routine referrals
  • Receive blood results electronically
  • Receive hospital letters, reports etc electronically
  • Register new patients

Prescriptions - We will only be processing urgent prescriptions between 10 August and 19 August 2019, therefore we request that any prescriptions that are due to be submitted within this timeframe are submitted before Wednesday 7 August 2019 in order that they can be processed early.

Online Services - Patients will lose access to online services and will need to register for the online services linked to our new system when invited to do so.

Appointments - Patients will only be able to pre-book routine appointments up until 23 August 2019 and we will only have emergency appointments available on Tuesday 20 August 2019.  Normal appointment availability will resume after 20 August 2019.

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